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Apply to Work with Me 1:1


If you’re someone who is navigating a transition like a

career change, divorce or life shift, juggling a profession and evolving sense of family,
I can help you overcome the limitations you feel, and step into your next life pivot with

confidence and clarity,

because I have been there.


I was where you are years ago.


In the process, I created a new home for myself, raised 2 children, lost my mother, built a community, became a successful professor and professional coach.


In creating a peaceful space for my family, I composed a new life I didn’t think was possible.


You may think like I did,

that once you find a new partner,

or land a new job or promotion,

move to a new city or buy a new house, (or new closet)

you’ll find peace and harmony.


But actually,

none of those things will bring you peace and harmony. 


Only when you dig deep and do the internal work to overcome your limitations, cope with your fears and shift old mindsets that keep you stuck, will you be able to embrace self-acceptance, so that you can have the fulfilling relationships, career and life you crave.


But it wasn’t my fault that I didn’t inherently know what to do, and it’s not yours either.  We don’t learn many of these life skills naturally growing up.


My internal work began with over 10 years of focused counseling and educating myself about personal growth tactics to move me forward.


I progressed to working with multiple coaches, including Carolyn Freyer-Jones since 2022, and being trained at the CFJ Coaching Success School. There I learned from and was coached by master coaches who use practices in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica's flagship program. These principles are now an integral part of my coaching and service for clients.

You could take years to figure it out on your own, but there’s an easier way – through working with me, you’ll learn how to . . . 



Achieve greater self-esteem, confidence and career success by accessing your inner wisdom



Build and preserve your family and community to create a more enriching life after big changes



Access your state of flow and center to feel more calm, resilient and fulfilled at work and at home

Through our 1:1 coaching, you are the curriculum! In addition to developing a vision, mindset and skill sets catered to you, I can share my proven strategies to help you on your journey.

Ready for transformation?

In addition to private coaching sessions held via Zoom, and an assessment of where you are and what your goals are, we would also walk through my signature framework. 


Modules you could experience through our work together.

Personal 1:1 Coaching 
& Signature "P-E-A-C-E" Framework



Personality & values re-discovery – who are you really?



Body Image &
Mindset shifts



Build & Preserve Your Circle of Support




Spirituality & Relaxation Methods



Access Your Creative State of Flow

P   - Project confidence! 


Personality re-discovery – who are you really? Love and accept yourself completely

Image and self-esteem – wherever you are, expect the roof to raise!

Navigating professional and academic hurdles in music and arts disciplines

Empowerment self-exploration

Higher ed hacks to survive and thrive without feeling like a bully


E   - Embody an attitude 


Body Image and body love intervention!

Image/brand exercises to determine your values and what you stand for

Positive attitudes surrounding money, create more abundance

Awaken your sleeping creative inside and know how to harness their power

Physical and nutritional health to live your best life

Exercise options that work for you, your body and lifestyle


A   - Achieve community 


Build and preserve your circle of support

Create YOUR new family, throw out the picture-perfect version!

Embrace your community and bloom where you’re planted

Set new healthy boundaries to create better relationships

C  - Create calm 


Learn the best channels of accessing your spirituality 

Learn acceptance and how to truly receive 

Achieve the benefits of relaxation and meditation so you feel free, not frazzled

Learn to be calm, yet resilient and gritty

Protect peace at all costs once you have it!


E   - Enter a state of flow


Reclaim your energy for you and what fulfills you

How to express yourself through journaling and love it

Tapping into your Joy Triggers whenever you need a tune up

Turning down the “noise” so you can get back to creating and performing at your best

Spoiler Alert:

this isn’t a quick fix program and only “works” when you’re committed to personal growth. My program digs deep through all of these areas through 1:1 coaching sessions with me, email support, self-exploration tools, guest speakers, videos and personalized feedback to create your own journey of transformation. 


If you are interested in applying to work with me 1:1, 
please fill out the application below. 

Once the application is submitted,
you will be invited to book a private 
60 minute complimentary consultation where we can answer questions
& find if working together would be a good fit.

1:1 Client Application
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