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I’m glad you’re here &

you’re in the right place. 


If you’re reading this that means you’re committed to creating a good life for yourself and your community, growing as a person and professional, letting go of disempowerment and stepping into a place where aligning your values with how you live feels amazing and “right”,

not icky or  “bad”.   


I look forward to accompanying you on your journey, your peace and harmony is waiting. Let’s get started.


Join FREE Community

The FREE Community is meant to complement your journey & a safe space where you will find connections with like-minded women as well as

bonus trainings, resources, & access to me LIVE.

Video 1

In this training we discuss self-care and stepping into our power, participants share their life struggles. We also discuss the importance and clarity that comes with discovering your values, and the pillars of the PEACE framework.

Video 2

In this training we dig into the values we hold in work, relationship, leisure and personal growth, and how far we are from where we want to be in living our values. We discuss the untrue, limiting assumptions that prevent us from fully embracing what we say we value. When we can reframe those assumptions with an alternative, liberating assumption we become more aligned with the values we hold! We wrap up with why self-compassion is so important in this process.

1:1 Coaching

Get more information on how
to work with me 1:1

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